Thesis proposal remarks. 35-40-45. I hope my Chapter 3 gets a perfect score (50) Hahaha. 🙏😼😹 #improvements #ThesisMaking #TheBigBangTheory

Chinese kiddo xx lisngag ilong

Now reading 📖👌

Please lang unta walay magsaba saba ugma sa Gemma West.

Preparation for tomorrow’s Doomsday. 😂😱😭😥 #English115 #LanguageTesting #Midterm #exam #vscocam

Laag day. ~ (at Veranza, KCC Mall Of Gensan)

Home :) This day has been a good one. Spent the holiday playing golf, taking selfies and eating foods I never thought I’d be able to taste hahaha wala lang. Thanks to my uncle and aunt for shouldering all the expenses 😻😁😘👌🍰🍔🌲 (at Octavio Village Cannery, Polomolok)

Such gourmet earlier 🍴🍰🍮 (at Club House, Kalsangi)